iKeepSafeand Beyond Differencespresent
Be Kind Online, presented by iKeepSafe and Beyond Differences

Building strong, inclusive communities in schools and online

Healthy Relationships and Prevention of Social Isolation

Be Kind Online: #SUSI inspires youth to be upstanders and fight for a kinder internet through on-campus programs like our brand-new 5-lesson unit on managing conflict online.

We'll be working in students in local schools all over the country to launch #SUSI which culminates with our most popular program, National No One Eats Alone Day.

Want to get involved? Download the FREE curriculum at our Teachers Portal or email [email protected]

Round 2 of our 2015-2016 campaign: Stand Up Step In!

We've prepared free teachers curriculum as well as activities for parents and students! Check out all of these offerings and students don't forget to sign the pledge and take a stand against mean behavior online.

Participate in the be kind online campaign: all year long!

#SUSI: Stand Up, Step In (January-February)
#BeTheOne: Maintaining Healthy Relationships Online & Offline (April)
#SummerKind: Stay Positive During The Summer (June)
#10DeepBreaths: Teens Communicating Effectively When Angry (October)

Together we can end social isolation and build strong, inclusive communities in our schools and online.